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Chendhur Groups was incorporated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India primarily engaged in construction infrastructure enhancement in the vision of building the dream places.

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Our Expansion

Fortunately we have expanded into creating homes out of houses for stays and staycations , which further gave us the space and the propositions to increase our potential and give into the service of supply chain management of F & V along with imports and exports. We are now a proud IT solution and marketing agency. We look forward to building services and products that will make life easier.We believe that excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement. With our focus on innovation, we strive to improve our existing systems and processes every single day.

We went on to strengthen our businesses with diversifications in the fields of Information Technology, Media, Entertainment, Real Estates, construction, supply chain and much more.

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What our employees say
"They have the best people to work with. Having trust as a core value, they challenge the traditional corporate working style. Love working here"
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