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Building products and services that make lives better

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Our Brands

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Building global companies takes passion and risk. But actions are greater than regrets
Aswin Sidharth, Chairman
Innovation at core

Building Global companies from India

The group operates in more than 3 countries and employs over 500 people with a mission of making the lives better for people and the community. Our values of trust is deeply ingrained with all the companies and brands that we have built over the last decade

  • Over 500+ employees
  • Built by people with Integrity
  • Operates by the philosophy 'People over process'
  • Community Driven
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To inspire people become their best version of themselves. By empowering people, provide them with enough accessinility to build greater products for the world

Impacted people

Building companies at scale requires passion and growth mindset. Our culture and mission are aligned in such a ways that it enables our people to come together and build things for the greater good.

Our vision has always been to be the leader in the industry and a consumer’s original choice. We strive to fulfil this everyday by being open to change and constantly improving ourselves. We, at Chendhur, also believe in enhancing the quality of life of our customers, stakeholders and of course our employees through everything that we do.

We also understand the significance of sustainable growth, and hence endeavour to be a responsible company. Our core business strategy has sustainability embedded into it right from the beginning. We believe in giving back to the community and are attuned to the importance of being socially and environmentally conscious in all that we do.

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Empowerment
  • Customer Delight
  • Innovation
  • Trust

What we value

Having complete integrity aligned in what we feel, what we speak, and what we do, thereby demonstrating honesty and having strong moral principles.
Team Work
Believing the team thereby working together to exceed our expectations in achieving organizational objectives.
Creating conditions and enabling people to take responsibility for an enhanced contribution towards personal and organizational objectives.
To continuously explore, develop, create and implement new technology, processes, ideas, and products
Having a firm belief in the reliability, truth, and ability of all associates and company processes.
🎉 Good news: We've recently opened more than 32 distribution units for vegetable supplies in Chennai
who started this

Our Chairman

Chendhur Group was founded by Aswin Sidharth, one of the most influential & fast-growing businessmen in Chennai. His business strategies & down to earth nature are the keys to his tremendous success in such a short time span. He developed Chendhur Groups, a conglomerate by using construction business as its foundation.

Now Chendhur Groups has become a conglomerate of 10+ companies, working across various domains. He always keeps an optimistic approach towards his employees and comes up with proper contingencies when it's necessary. With his tireless efforts, His latest venture, Dicekart has become one of the fastest-growing
supply chain companies in Chennai, rivaling the big giants in the market.
"They have the best people to work with. Having trust as a core value, they challenge the traditional corporate working style. Love working here"
Employee, Dicekart
The builder has been fair and reasonable and is always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate the client. Creatively planned and neatly executed with excellent use of space. Best in the industry value for money.
DHPL Customer
Decent and pleasant homestay for relaxation at Kodaikanal. Food preparation was of good quality and taste. Recommended for great hospitality and peace.
Happy Customer